There are angels.. Princes of the universe.. This is a place in appreciation of that.


After a chance encounter, Dean and Sam have spent months chasing the immortal Captain Jack Harkness. What they don’t know is that he’s gone missing from Torchwood as well. And when Gwen Cooper, Torchwood’s second in command, crosses paths with the boys she mistakes their search as a sign they’re involved in his disappearance.

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Women of the Tolkienverse | Part I

VARDA was a Valië, the wife of Manwë and Queen of the Valar.
THURINGWETHIL was a Vampire servant of Sauron during the First Age.
TAR-ANCALIME was the seventh ruler and first Ruling Queen of Númenor.
GALADRIEL was a Noldo, a ringbearer and ruler of Lothlórien.
NESSA was a Valië and the wife of Tulkas and sister of Oromë.

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Doctor Who - The Phantom Of The Opera AU

The Master and Donna rematerialize back inside The TARDIS as an astonished Doctor just watches it all unfold.

Donna’s knees give out and The Master lowers both he and Donna to The TARDIS decking, where he struggles to keep her upright.

“You came back for me..”, The Master whispers to her. “Why?”

She gives him a wane smile. “Promised, .. didn’t.. I..?”, she slurs, clutching his wavering limbs as her world spins and flashes in a haze of pain and exhaustion.

The Master chokes on a sob then clumsily gathers Donna into an embrace.

{Donna, softly} Say you’ll share with me one love, one life time..
{The Master, in reply} Say the word, and I will follow you..
{Both, but Donna weaker} Say.. you’ll.. stay with me.. each night.. each morning..

Alarms sound from The TARDIS monitors, interrupting the moment.

The Doctor hauls himself upright and spins a viewing screen towards himself for a quick glance.

He then pales and fishes his sonic and stethoscope out from his coat pockets, leaping over to The Master and Donna.

The Master frowns in confusion. “What in the name of the nightmare child-?” But then he realizes that Donna has gone unnaturally still. “Donna?!”

“Her heart’s stopped”, The Doctor hisses angrily after listening for a non-existent beat, yanking the stethoscope from his ears and feverishly tuning the sonic to the right frequency to resuscitate her.

“Stand back!”, The Master orders The Doctor, sweeping up into a standing position over Donna.

The Doctor is about to argue, but then notices The Master’s hands sparking and fizzling with electric energy and dives out of the way as quickly as his body will allow.

There’s a loud zap, but Donna doesn’t stir.

A second, slightly louder zap follows, but she remains motionless.

A third occurs with the same result.

The Master falls to his knees beside her body in shock and utter dismay.

“She can’t be dead.. She can’t be.. She can’t be..”

The Doctor places a trembling hand on The Master’s shoulder, fighting back his own tears. “The transformation must have been too much for her system. Any other human would have burnt up instantly under less strain.”

“But she wasn’t human”, The Master rallies, unable to let go. “Not entirely anyway! If we wait, maybe she’ll-”

“She’s gone”, The Doctor asserts firmly.

“But if-”

“She’s gone.”

The Master screams in incoherent fury and zaps Donna’s lifeless body a final time in contempt of death.

The TARDIS monitor beeps slowly.

The Doctor perks up when he realizes what the sound means.

“She’s alive”, he whispers in awe.

“What?”, The Master hiccups, swiping at his tears.

“She’s alive!”, The Doctor crows, punching the air and scrambling for his abandoned stethoscope. “It’s faint, but it’s there”, he confirms. “Good ol’ Donna Noble, you brilliant stubborn arse!”

The Master grins. “Then.. she’s alright? She’s going to be alright?”

The Doctor hesitates, and The Master’s joy leaves him.

“Tell me”, The Master commands.

“She- She might.. if you.. detatch from her..”

Quite suddenly and sickeningly, The Master understands. “The watch is still absorbing energy from the necklace..”

The Doctor nods.

“And even though it’s keeping me alive, it’s killing her..”

The Doctor nods again, and adds with sincere regret- “I wish there was another way. I really, really do..”

“And I don’t have a choice, do I? You’re going to save her, with or with out my cooperation.”

“’Fraid so”, The Doctor affirms grimly.

The Master turns away from The Doctor, but holds out his arm to The Doctor’s surprise. “Make it quick, before I come to my senses.”

The Doctor pauses a moment more, then sonics the watch.

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Doctor Who AU - The Phantom Of The Opera

Donna’s tears splatter on The TARDIS decking where she’s fallen, as The Doctor races around the console, pulling levers and performing light speed manuvers.

“You.. can’t..”, she sobs, tremors shaking her entire body. “Y- you.. you c-an’t..”

“What?”, The Doctor mutters distractedly.

Donna takes a deep breath and pulls on her anger for strength, then glares up at The Doctor.

“You can’t just leave him!”, she hisses dangerously. “You don’t know what they’ll do to him!”

“Of course I know.”

Donna is confused.

“If it’s anything like what they did to you, not even he deserves it”, The Doctor explains bitterly, flicking a few more switches a little harder than necessary, before finally meeting her gaze.

His eyes tell a story of utmost remorse.

“I know what happened. All of it. The black outs. The fire. Donna.. I’m-”

“I don’t need your apologies! I need-”

“I’m going back for him!”, The Doctor interrupts, confusing her further.


“But not before I get you somewhere safe”, he continues, turning back to The TARDIS controls with renewed vigor.

“What?!”, she repeats, scrambling to stand. “No! I won’t-”

“You’re powerless now!”, he roars in explanation to his reasoning. “There’s nothing more you can do!”

Donna suddenly stills. “Not as such, actually..”

Now The Doctor is confused. “What?”

“You said you knew about the fire”, Donna continues quitely. “After the fire.. I thought it was over, at least. I thought my powers were gone. No one else had to die. I couldn’t feel them burning in me any more. It was done.” She raises her head to level a watery glare at The Doctor. “But they came back.”

“So you’re saying..”, The Doctor realizes.

“I’m saying”, Donna growls, raising her arms as a golden light begins to swirl around them and her eyes shine with the same terrifying glow. “That I don’t need your permission.” The pressure inside of her builds. “Not any longer and never again.” She releases her energies into the floor of The TARDIS.

The TARDIS makes a tremendous tortured, grinding noise and changes course.

The UNIT forces have almost reached The Master, but he no longer heeds them.

[Donna], I love you.. {He weeps into nothingness}

There’s a jarring metallic shriek as The TARDIS slams out of the time vortex and lodges itself squarely in the cell’s doorway, barring the raging mob from reaching The Master, but preventing The TARDIS doors from being opened as well.

The Master stands unsteadily and shields his eyes against flying dust and debris.

“Doctor..?”, he wonders aloud.

And then Donna steps through the walls of The TARDIS.

Only she’s no longer Donna. She’s a being of pure time energy, that is barely more solid than a multi-starred constellation that resembles the outline of Donna.

She holds her hand out to him wordlessly, and he hesitantly accepts it.

There’s a twinkling flash and they both dissolve into blinking lights, like snuffed out candles.

«a/n: reference for what i sort of imagine donna would look like a a being of pure time energy. in case you were wondering..»